World Of Warcraft Adds New Rogue Covenant Ability In The Latest Shadowlands Beta Build

With just a month to go before the World of Warcraft Shadowlands comes out, Blizzard Entertainment is continuing to tweak and fine tune the expansion based on feedback and data gathered from the current beta test.

According to Wowhead, the team has just made a number of significant changes to the latest beta build including the addition of a new Venthyr Covenant class ability for Rogues called Flagellation.

Flagellation lets you lash at a target 3 times with each strike dealing Shadow damage equal to 68% of your attack power. Each combo point spent causes an additional lash. Reactivating Flagellation once the target has been lashed 20 times will increase Mastery by 15% for 1 minute.

The latest build also includes a long list of class and spell changes including changes to the Death Knight’s Death Door ability, the Demon Hunter’s Fodder to the Flame, and Conduit changes to the Priest’s Fae Guardians.

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