Ultima Online Celebrates 23rd Anniversary, Announces Ultima Online: New Legacy Shard

Ultima Online is celebrating its 23rd anniversary today and Broadsword is celebrating the occasion with a special anniversary livestream and a huge announcement. The studio has just announced a new shard called Ultima Online: New Legacy.

The new shard aims to bring new players into the game and will feature a new ruleset that goes back to the core of the classic MMORPG. The developers said that they will also be making changes to the original gameplay to make it more immersive and intuitive. These changes include a simplified gear stat system and a revamped skill system. Some form of PvP will also be available for those who want to duke it out with other players.

New Legacy will be completely free and will be available to both free-to-play and subscription accounts. F2P players, however, will not be able to place houses in the new shard.

You can watch the full livestream below along with the Ultima Online: New Legacy announcement trailer.

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