Lineage 2 Celebrates 6,000 Days Online With Server-Wide Boosts And Rewards

MMO developers like to celebrate, so much so that almost any milestone can be cause for celebration including anniversaries, copies sold, number of downloads, player counts, etc. Well today, NCSoft is celebrating the fact that Lineage 2 has been online for 6000 days. I’m not sure if that includes downtimes but that’s roughly 16 ½ years, which is no mean feat.

To mark the occasion, the team will be giving away a variety of in-game perks and goodies. From now until October 14th, both Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Classic players will enjoy a 100% XP/SP boost, 100% Adena/Item/Spoil boost, a 50% Party Hunting bonus, and No XP loss upon death. Players on the regular server will also get an additional 300% Vitality boost.

Players who have logged in before August 31st will get a set number of Celebration Coins depending on when their character was created. The older the character the more coins they get. Additional coins can be earned by completing 6,000 Day Celebration Missions. Celebration Coins can be exchanged at the Dimensional Merchant NPC for various rewards. The rewards will be different for players on the regular servers and those on the classic servers. You can head over to the Lineage 2 official site for additional information about the rewards.

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