Astellia Online Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Several In-Game Events

Astellia Online is celebrating its first anniversary in the west with a whole host of events. First off on the list is the Anniversary Ultimate Buff Event. From now until October 13, players will enjoy additional 15% experience gain, 20% buff to HP and MP recovery rates, and a 10% increase to the drop rate.

Next up is the Anniversary and Thanksgiving Login Reward Event which will kick off on September 28th and will run until October 13th. During the event, players will automatically earn rewards after they’ve been logged-in for a certain amount of time. Here’s a list of the rewards:

  • 30 mins Log-in Reward: 1 Token (Can be traded for 5-star Miho, Miho Skin, Shining Moon Wings, or Random Gift Box through the Event NPC)
  • 1 hour Log-in Reward: Red Half-Moon Rice Cake x5 (Physical/Magic Attack + 5% for 30 mins)
  • 2 hours Log-in Reward: Yellow Half-Moon Rice Cake x5 (Skill Cooltime -5%, Movement Speed + 5% for 30 mins)
  • 3 hours Log-in Reward: Green Half-Moon Rice Cake x5 (EXP Gain/Item Gain +5% for 30 mins)

Running alongside the login event is the Dungeon Time Attack Event. Participating players will need to form a party of four with strictly 2 DPS classes only. They can then choose to run one of the event dungeons in the list below. Once they’ve completed the dungeon, they will then need to take a clear screenshot of their clear time and the names of the party members and post it on the event thread. The party with the fastest clear time when the event ends will win three 3-Star Guardian Pack. Prizes will be sent on October 7th.

Event Dungeons:

  • Rutlass Den
  • Crimson Rock Valley
  • Hashmal Laboratory
  • Archduke Caleonid’s Mansion
  • Macarzan Basin
  • Fortenora Underground Prison
  • Hall of Equality
  • Arau Cave
  • Lagash Underground Sanctum
  • Dimensional Library Basilia
  • Haveli Mansion
  • Ascender’s Throne
  • Sansara Fortress
  • Temple of Blessings

Last on the list is a 50% discount on the Special Subscription Package. The sale will run for two weeks from September 28th to October 13th. Additional information can be found on the Astellia Online official forums.

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